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The first school of Oriental Dance in Kiev led by the ethnic dancer

Nava at Morning Cruasans on TBi TV Bellydance choreography by Nava - Halawet Rooh Nava. Oriental Band at Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival, Cairo 2014
Map of branches of the school


Head of the School Nava

When in 2008 I opened my school, Oriental Dance was far removed from reality here, from its Eastern cultural origin.

This perception still does not reflect the reality, and as time passes, modern East takes over from true traditional East.

At my school, along with following the latest contemporary trends, we try to preserve and pass on the important aspects of the original Oriental Dance. Without these notes, the very meaning of the Oriental Dance is lost.

What we create is more than just a reason for enthusiastic squealing from yet another form of body shaking. We create meaningful art.

Head of the School Nava Nava's biography

Classes Sample. Practicing performance Bellydance choreography by Nava - Hagarin El Shisha Performance of Students on The Reporting Party


Ira, educator, ensemble Navadance participant
Anna, student
Sveta, student
Yulia, ensemble participant
Tatiana, participant-eyewitness
Nava, Head of the School
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Cooperation with business

For Owners of Premises

Are you the owner of the club/restaurant and you want to engage your audience? Or maybe just load unpopular time? We organize parties and eastern contests with good advertising and financial return and we are open for proposals.

For Organizers

Our school is over 5 years. A huge repertoire, the ability to learn any difficulty dance in few hours, solid managerial experience, expertise and the sea of ideas - all this at your service.

Classes to office

There is nothing that increases loyalty and productivity of employees as the occupation of east dances straight at work. Google and Yandex practicing this approach since founding... And do you want?

Teaching Belly dance at the school of Oriental dance Navadance (Kiev)

A large part of the learning process consists of learning the plays.

The beginners level during the first few sessions are the basic movements, and further studies are already out of learning the chords and plays. At first, are the most simple. If you have previously studied the base was not fully assimilated student, she is practicing movements that can not be obtained, in the dance. The teacher stops the statement to explain the errors and remind the correct execution of movements. As the development of pupils movements and ligaments are more complicated. Along with learning the choreography and dance theory are also physical exercise and stretching muscles with a light load.

For the average skipped base, once given the complicated chords and staging. Attention is paid to the behavior and acting on stage. Is set higher than the rate for entry-level employment. Stretching takes place with more than the initial level loads.

In the advanced level student engaged with the physical and choreographic basis sufficient for learning the most complex productions in a very short time. Stretching runs at maximum capacity, employment — the maximum rate. Particular attention is paid to stage image, makeup, costumes and paraphernalia elements of dance. Pupils can be involved in the creative process, creating the choreography of the dance. In addition to the study of belly dance and other dance styles: cancan dancing 60s, classic, strip of plastic, etc.

For all levels in the classroom free video recording productions. Write, lay out the VC, work through the house.

If you are a beginner and you do not fit the classroom at the beginning of all groups, but the average level of fit, you can try their hand at it. If you are «in the form of» teacher qualifications can «catch up» with the group in the short term. The main thing here — your wish to study and desire to learn to dance.

If you have an average level, but only beginners time suits you, come to a trial lesson. All bellydance-schools are different and, most of all, our «beginner» level may be a very pleasant surprise for you. During 3 months of training our newcomers learn at least 3 dances.

Come on oriental dance trial lesson to any group anyway. Whatever your situation, only at a place (not by phone) you will be able to determine, and we'll be able to recommend you a certain group.