Eastern duo Sheyda

New in 2017 will make an unforgettable colorful oriental Sheyda duo — belly dance with live drums played by media culture.

East Sheyda duo - belly dance with live drum

East Sheyda duo — belly dance with live drum

New Year numbers performed by a professional oriental dancer, belly dancers and a drummer for:

  • New Year corporate parties;
  • parties;
  • actions.

Bright show program and excellent master classes like dance, and by playing the drums.

New master class «Drum Circle»: guests stand in a circle, each issued a drum, drummer in the center sets the rhythm and offers to repeat it. After learning the multiple rhythms of the drum is replaced by another type of drum and offered to learn a few more beats.

Master class on belly dance for New Year 2017: guests are issued oriental shawls and offers to learn a few moves, repeating for a dancer.

Preorder performance of musical-dance group Sheyda by phone +38 097 961 777 1 (Nava).